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Charmed: The 115-page Illustrated Novelization

You’ve heard the album, you’ve listened to the pentalogy, now it’s time to learn the truth about DJSTTDJ. Charmed is the official novelization of the popular cult-hit album Charmed. Charmed is an experience, a novella, a pulp fiction. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll bid fond goodbye to DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ as she makes peace with her mortals and transcends to her proper plane. The question on everyone’s lips: will she rise again?

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Charmed: Audiobook Edition

DJSTTDJ was working hard on her fifth and final album when suddenly her life changed unexpectedly. An equally entertaining and harrowing account of one witch pushing the limits of her half-mortal body and soul, the big question is ultimately asked…will she rise again? The dramatic conclusion to the climatic events surrounding the wiccan maestra’s final days on Earth.


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Pentalogy: 40-Page Commemorative Brochure

A re-print of the Pentalogy commemorative booklet from the limited edition cassette release of Pentalogy, now in brochure-sized A5! 36 pages of facts, fun and conversation for your reading pleasure, printed on silky 130gsm paper (with a delicious 170gsm cover!) If you missed out on the original print (or you want a non-collectable copy to have and to hold!) now’s your chance to stop missing out and enjoy what everyone else has had! Compliments the CD edition of Pentalogy perfectly, though the foreword has not been changed from original limited edition print and therefore reader’s discretion is advised.

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